Effectiveness of Snus compared to Vaping - Find out here

Published by Miles Illemann on 8th Apr 2019

We wanted to let our retailers know just how effective Snus is as a quit smoking tool.

For many years, we have only had the conventional nicotine replacement theropies like Patches, Gum and Sprays. Now with the introduction of e-cigarettes, we have seen the cessation space dramatically changed. With vaping, we have now seen a massive growth over the last 4 years here in NZ. The total market is approximatly 200,000 users.

The latest stats on vaping effectiveness is around 12.5% for people to quit smoking for good.

Now, when you look at the Snus (White Fox incl) stats, you will see a massive differece. Around 75% effective in making people quit smoking for good. That is a massive gap. Hence the more reason to stock White Fox in your store.

The RRP on one tin of White Fox is $12.99. The wholesale price to you is $8.50. This means that you will have a profit margin of $4.50! Not to mention free shipping to your store.

This product category is very new and we expect it to grow larger than e-cigs. Because of its effectiveness and is easy to use, we believe that if you were to get this in the hands of the customers or smokers, 3 out of 4 will be hooked. Not only that, you will be making a large contribution to the publics health at 98 % less harmful than cigarettes! Well done you.

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